Gary Cook – Author

Gary Cook ’s first published children’s book, The Best Saturday Ever!, was inspired by a painting that was purchased at an art fair and is now hanging on the wall over his desk. When he was a child, his father worked as a manufacturer’s representative, and their home was filled with his samples of toys, games, and lab sets.

All good things to keep an only child busy and spark his imagination and creativity. Gary studied art and music at the University of Minnesota, and photography at the School of Communication Arts.

Currently, he is a self-employed commercial photographer doing advertising and editorial photography. He also pursues his musical interests as a drummer performing with local bands. Gary and his partner, Amy, live in Bloomington, Minnesota, with their pets, including Sparky the dog.

Adam Sward – Illustrator

Adam Sward is a Minneapolis-based illustrator and tattooist. He also does graphic design, murals, live art, and some stand-up comedy now and again. He currently lives and works in South Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his dog and an almost alarmingly large collection of misinformation.

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