Robbie has a big imagination, and it can take him many places. No matter if he is stuck inside with no power,
 or trapped in the basement, all he needs is a little creativity and resourcefulness, and he is off on one of Robbie’s Big Adventures. Come along with him!

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Best Saturday Ever!

By Gary Cook, Illustrated by Adam Sward

40 pages
Publication date: September 16, 2013

ISBN 978-1-938063-25-1 (hardcover)
ISBN 978-1-938063-23-7 (ebook)
ISBN 978-1-938063-24-4 (Nook Kids Book)

The first book of Robbie’s Big Adventures!

On a rainy Saturday, the power goes out. With no TV and no chance of going outside, Robbie wonders how he could possibly have fun. He’ll just have to make it up! Using only his imagination, Robbie manages to save a city from a terrifying monster, captain a space shuttle, and tame a fearsome lion as the ringmaster of a circus. With all these adventures, will he even notice when the rain stops and the lights come back on?

Through entertaining rhymes and exciting graphic novel-style illustrations, this book will remind 
kids of the power of their own imaginations, 
and prove that rain — and a lack of 
power — just might make for 

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