It’s an Adventure!

I was thinking what can we do with Robbie that would be fun and different ?

And I thought “Robbie” should have a song! I didn’t know of too many children’s books had songs. I wanted it to be like a theme song.

So I talked with Steve Wold, the leader of my band, The Rhinestone Diplomats—no, it’s NOT a country band—and I said we need to come up with a theme song for Robbie.

We got together and he came up with a great little number! We worked it out, rehearsed it, and I called another friend Leiah Webb (who I will be playing and producing a record with this winter) and asked her if she would like to get involved with it and she was really excited about it.

So I sent her the words and a rough cut of us in the rehearsal space.

We all met together in Hastings, and went to a recording studio!

And, digitall speaking of course, we got it all down on tape.


  • Steve Wold on lead Vocals & Guitar
  • Leiah Webb on Vocals
  • Jeff Blexrud on Bass
  • Gary Cook (that’s me!) on Drums & Vocals

We’re happy to present:

It’s An Adventure!